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Darwin Tiwi Islands

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Darwin Tiwi Islands

Lush sandy beaches, beautiful dense rainforests, and crystal clear rock pools - it all sounds like something from a far-off land! In fact, we're talking about the Tiwi Islands Northern Territory, which are about 80km north of Darwin.

Tiwi is made up of Melville Island and Bathurst Island, and is considered to be part of Darwin Northern Territory. A map of Tiwi islands will be helpful in navigating the area, but it's also necessary to go with a tour group. Most tour groups will take care of the requisite visitor permits that are needed for Tiwi Islands travel - plus they can show you all the important sites and attractions.

Tiwi Islands' weather is quite tropical, and can get cooler if you're travelling deep into the rainforest. Enjoy a beautiful sunny day by taking part in fishing Tiwi Islands, or just laze on one of the many sandy beaches.

The Tiwi people have a rich history and are excellent artists. Aboriginal art can be seen at one of the art centres on the islands, like at Milikapitti on Melville Island. Aboriginal Australian paintings are unique and showcase nature, history, and culture.

The Northern Territory has a rich cultural background, with Darwin possessing the highest proportional population of Aboriginal Australians out of all the capital cities in the country!

The Tiwi Islands are an ideal side trip if visiting Alice Springs or Darwin, or just as a sole trip by itself. Tiwi guides are hospitable and are eager to share their rich history and beautiful land with visitors.

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